Friday, December 11, 2009

honey gift files...burning love

for my money, there's nothing that buys a spa feel like a good candle. it seems to be a well-known fact the quality of a candle's burn and scent is often directly correlated to its price. most "good" candles hover around the $26 mark, while there are some that are closer to $80 or $100. like most things, though, there are some lesser known gems that are a little less. or, some companies offer smaller sizes which are a great way to get in on a great candle without a second mortgage.

a candle makes a nice gift for a few reasons - first, candles are enjoyed many times over a long period of time and can enhance one's home experience. also, people rarely buy themselves candles, because they're such an indulgence. but my vote is on indulgences just like these for the people you care about at the holidays.

here are my picks for the best gift candles out there right now. i'd love to know some of your favorites too.

cowshed "knackered cow" ($46) - all vegan, "herbaceous" and relaxing smelling, beautiful etched-looking glass jars that almost glow when lit - available here or at soho house's cowshed spa.

also available in a set of 4 small votives ($30) - a more multi-fuctional, less expensive way to get "knackered":

voluspa seasons tin ($18) in baltic amber is one of my favorite candles EVER. an amazingly sultry and sweet scent in a long-lasting three wick candle, but the scent has become hard to find, though i have seen the diffusers and room spray at anthropologie. BUT all is not lost - there's a deliciously similar one now called french bourbon vanilla (available at nordstrom). for this low price, sniff around at both anthro and nordstrom for a scent you like - it's well worth it. they smell delish and last forever.

l'occitane candles ($28) in sweet cherry and spicy orange are surprise favorites of mine. not usually one for overly sweet smells, both of these scents strike just the right balance. the sweet cherry smells pleasantly reminiscent of childhood to me, while the spicy orange is edgy and moody and delicously warm smelling. presented tastefully in a frosted glass jar and pretty boxes, all you need is a ribbon or pretty gift bag.

the perfect christmas collection ($10) of candles at bath and body works is for sure, the best candle buy out there right now. the best-smelling of all, to my nose, is fireside which smells totally wintery and wonderful. they are $10 each on the website, and 2 for $20 in stores (must buy 2) and it's pretty unbelievable to me that such a large, well-scented and nicely packaged candle (including gift box) could be $10. trust me - they look like WAY more. bath and body works large filled candles are also 2 for $20 right now, and the leaves scent is very lovely and nostalgic in the nicest way. most of their scents are available in this size, including all the winter ones.
also in bath and body works, the most perfect candle i've ever smelled. i mean it. it's the henri bendel vanilla bean candle for $26. perfect in every way. i can't even describe it better than that. sweet, but not too sweet...that's it, i can't do any better. i am out of words. of course, comes in a stylish box, lovely frosted jar. BUY IT. FOR ME. okay, sorry, moment of weakness. if you're not into it, try the tuberose. also extraordinarily lovely.
happy sniffing.

top picture from bath and body works; all other pictures from linked sites.


Eclectic Design Source said...

Cowshed, hmmmm never heard of it. But, we're candle snobs too and are going to have to investigate this one. I think our e-boutique needs it!

Kelly said...

As long as your at Anthropologie, you have to try the Capri Blue candles. The blue one, in aloha orchid, is the best ever!!!

Anonymous said...

The authoritative message :), curiously...

Anonymous said...

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