Tuesday, December 29, 2009

little burst of love

remember a while back we talked about the idea of mini-arrangements as little parting gifts and/or placecards? well look at these totally adorable ones i came across on the incredibly gorgeous blog, {frolic}. not only does one of these incorporate succulents (and you know how i feel about them), but i love the unique containers they're presented in.

i would be totally delighted to receive something like this at a dinner party, a luncheon, a wedding, a shower...maybe even on new years eve as a little breath of green life in the cold winter. wouldn't you?

all photos from frolic


Maria said...

oooo!! LOVE!

Maria said...

and who knows...maybe one day soon i'll be able to use this idea at say a shower or engagement party ;)

honey living said...

oooooh i hope so!

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