Tuesday, December 15, 2009

honey gift files...secret santa

never was there more perplexing gift category than the secret santa/grab bag/yankee swap. usually, these categories require gender neutral, sort of everything-neutral items for $20 or less. personally, i think these types of gift exchanges are a great opportunity to give something light-hearted, even funny, because it's as much about the reaction and conversations in the room as the gifts are chosen and opened as it is about the final recipient. and most of these games have an exchange-with-another-player clause built in, either officially or unspoken, so there's always that in case of a real mismatch.

here are some of my favorite items under $25 which would be great for secret santa, stocking stuffers or thoughtful and fun token gifts of any kind. and just in case i haven't made a big enough spectacle of it, restoration hardware hits true home runs in the gift department this year. well done, resto, well done. i love how playful and nostalgic their selections are - nostalgic is always a hit in group gifting situations, particularly when the recipients share generational references.

from restoration hardware:

voice changer:

travel scrabble:

magic 8 ball:

"jokes on you" prank kit:

"great lines from great movies" cards:

herb seed kit:

superhero in a box:

snowman kit:

pocket hand warmers:


foot duvets:

golf ball personalizer:


sea monkeys:

sip 'n swirl glasses:

from anthropologie, store of stores:

measuring gaggle:
pom pom coasters - these are on sale for $4 right now. yes, you read that right:

from bath and body works:

cozy socks:

cozy over the knee socks:
and you know how i feel about the fireside candle:

from crate and barrel:

fondue set:

cocktail shaker:

from pier 1:
safari bubble bath and spa brush - would be hilar if your male boss picked this one:

funny notepads, especially good as office gifts:

chalk note glassware:

whatever you choose, make sure it's in good condition, wrap it nicely and have a great time giving it. and i hope you don't get stuck with a regifted set of soaps or an out-of-date cookbook.

all photos from linked sites; origin of top photo unknown - please contact me for credit

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