Tuesday, December 15, 2009

no man like a sick man

have you ever noticed that some men are a little "different" in the way they deal with colds? since cold season is upon us, allow me to share my experience...when mitchell gets a cold, i do my best to avoid him. because of the germs, you ask? oh no, germs i can deal with.

it's the ridiculous bed head and the "sick cup" i have not been allowed to get rid of in three moves - one lone, small juice glass that he apparently has always enjoyed his orange juice from. it's also the tendency to walk around the house pathetically moaning and asking if he "looks sick." NO. YOU LOOK PATHETIC.

it's also the telling and retelling of how his mother used to hold a cool cloth soaked in alcohol on his forehead when he was ill. "what a nice memory that is," i tell him. NOW GET UP.



you MUST take a look at this video on youtube, and the correlating article from webmd. thanks to kelly for sending this, alerting me to the fact that mitchell isn't the only one who gets man colds. my most favorite part of the article is the part that explains it this way:

"men are less in touch with their feelings...so it might be more difficult for them to interpret what's going on when they are overwhelmed or sick."

what's "going on?" IT'S A FREAKING COLD.

picture from www.nfb.org


Erin said...

Oh my gosh, that video was hysterical....AND TRUE!!!!

Maria said...

Hysterical!! "Thats a nice memory, now get up!" LOL!!

Daccia said...


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