Tuesday, December 22, 2009

blue christmas

i don't know about you, but things are getting a little frenzied as the holiday fervor reaches a fever pitch. people are bumping into each other -- smiling while doing so, which is nice -- since we all know we're just trying to get everything done. let me put it to you this way - i put my pants on inside out a few days ago. and didn't realize it until i was standing on 34th street waiting for the bus. so there's that.

so let's take a moment, you and i, to let our minds wander and linger over some pretty images. i've become really taken with the use of pale blue, white and silver as a holiday palette, even with some well-chosen punches of red here and there. i love its serenity - it's so peaceful and beautiful...a little unexpected too...just what the holidays and the promise of a new year should be.

imagine my delight when i found this week's color me pretty post on decor8. take a look for some serious eye candy.

what do you think? are there unexpected color palettes you've seen or chosen?


Anonymous said...

omg. LOVE the use of turquoise, white and red! especially in the image with the turquoise chair and red pillow...i want to go to there.

Anonymous said...

I have been using the blue/white/snowflake theme for several years Not religious in theme just seasonal lots of snowmen/snowwomen, too!!!

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