Monday, December 7, 2009

honey gift files...tote-ally delicious!

most lunch bags don't look like the sachi "lunchin' ladies" tote. but they should. these insulated bags come in six adorable colors and prints, and at just over $15 each from qvc, it would be reasonable to have a couple to match your outfits and outerwear ensembles! oh right, this is a gift post...okay so it would be reasonable for your lucky gift receiver to have a couple...

so many people carry lunch and snacks to work, and using paper bags or shopping bags is so not green. besides, it's really unpleasant when the bag falls apart and eventually tears and everything around you smells like balsamic vinaigrette for the rest of the day. is that just me? also, you know how i feel about making the mundane feel special and pretty - this nails that concept.

and i have to say, aside from being discrete and stylish, they also fit A LOT. i first laid eyes on the sachi at my weight watchers meeting, when my leader showed us hers. ooohs and aaaahs all around - i'm telling you, they are CUTE! and just to give you an idea of how much they fit - in the bag, she had the following: ice pack, tupperwares of blackberries and watermelons, ziplocs of snow peas, celery and carrots, a package of sliced apples, and 2 small muffins.

love! also, FYI...when you order more than one, you get $3 off the price. this could not be any better. i think i'm going with black and red, personally. you know, for my "lucky gift receivers."

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Anonymous said...

Love these! Just ordered the purple for my sister. Thanks for the idea!


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