Wednesday, December 16, 2009

honey gift files...salt and pepper, to taste

i fell in love with these jonathan adler salt and pepper sets the second i saw them. they're sculptural and witty, and strike the perfect balance between functional and whimsical. i think these are a perfect gift for a host/hostess or for anyone who takes pleasure in unusual or statement pieces for their home.
i also really appreciate the graphic packages each set comes in - to me, it really raises the appeal of these as a gift - they are clearly a carefully selected design element and i think the recipient would feel flattered to be pegged as one who'd appreciate them.

they're available on jonathan adler's website, through nest dallas , and nordstrom's website among many other sellers.

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shari said...

I have been collecting salt and pepper shakers for many years. I have some antiques. Most of them come from the places I have been. They are a nice and portable way to remember trips, etc...Doesn't have to be a very expensive collection either, just fun to collect them!

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