Tuesday, December 8, 2009

honey gift files...off the cuff

most of the men i know like dressing up. they feel elegant, and distinguished and just all around above average. the only thing they tend not to like is looking like every other guy in the room - that's why it's so important that their mancessories are meaningful and personal.

i have come across several pairs of cuff links in the recent past that strike me as way more unusual and cool than the standard silver engraved ones (though those are nice too, for certain occasions).

i love love love these stadium cuff links from red envelope, which are specially licensed by MLB and are crafted from salvaged stadium seats. each piece unique and weathered from decades of gameplay, which is just so...authentic.

they're available from yankee stadium, fenway park, wrigley field, dodger stadium, rfk stadium, busch stadium, tiger stadium, comiskey park and shea stadium. they're each hand-numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. (note: they also make ballpark pens which are made of salvaged wood from the stadiums.)

also from red envelope, these watch movement cuff links are very snazzy. i love that the look is techy and mechanical but cleans up nice and shiny - kind of like some of the men we all know and love! again, each set is unique, which is just such a nice touch - i always think it's a real treat to own something completely one of a kind, and definitely a great gift choice.
and speaking one of a kind...really great, and often inexpensive cuff links can be found on etsy, and you have the added benefit of supporting independent artists. here are some of my favorites. truly, though, you could browse them all day on etsy - and you should! they are phenomenal and so varied.

custom album cover cuff links from trixieandbeeverer:
lego tile cuff links from cufflinks:

olivewood cuff links by holcombswoodworking:

rose gold watch movement cuff links from edmdesigns:
industrial metal gearing handmade cuff links from qacreate:

and the most personal option i've seen is cuff links made from maps of whatever locations you choose. to me, this is such a romantic option, as it's a private yet stylish way of documenting a history. if i were doing this for mitchell, i might choose one as the duckpond where we got engaged, and the other as paradise island, where we honeymooned. there are so many meaningful combinations you could come up with.

as with most good ideas, there are several versions of map cuff links, and as you can see, they are decidedly different in terms of the style and age of the maps they use, as well as the materials of the pieces themselves. as such, their prices vary as well.

vintage map cuff links from tomatomade on etsy:

vintage map cuff links from dlk designs on etsy:

and from chart metalworks who uses nautical charts rather than maps, these are available in bronze or sterling silver are definitely a less commercial, more handmade look:

regardless of your choice, i think all of these cuff links are sweet and personal gifts for a special man in your life. they're a testament to his individuality and to his history - possibly a shared history - and to me, that's what gifts are about.

that's how i roll cufflink picture from bellamodaartist on etsy; all other pictures from linked sites

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