Wednesday, December 2, 2009

desperately sequin susan

you can call me susan, or whatever you'd like if i can just have this valentino bag. it's only $4,895! but look at it. you might remember it as blair's frenemy brandeis' bag a few weeks ago on GG.

where would i wear it? a reasonable question - i don't know, trader joe's? CVS? the bagel place? it reminds me of a conversation my parents once overheard at the louis vuitton store ... picture this: a certain type of suburban woman demanding that the shopgirl "show me something fabulous, like something i could wear to a PTA meeting."


and yet...PLEASE?!? no wonder jess is looking happy these days. aren't sequins just so special feeling?

and while we're on sequins, check out these items.

michael kors sequin tunic:

free people stardust sequin sweater:

free people sequin shoulder cowl:

j crew sequin scarf cardigan:

and here's a really reasonably priced scarf as a cautious foray into the sequin business.(n.b. great gift idea too!)

now here is a sequin style i just do not get:

from h&m:

what is with those shoulders?

okay, fine, i'll take the valentino bag. FINE.

valentino photos from; all other photos from linked sites.


Krista soon-to-be Skrtic :) said...

Love this post! Super entertaining and I this those shoulders are absurd! LOVE the Jcrew Sequined tank!com

Anonymous said...

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honey living said...

anon - thank you - i think :)

what kind of visuals would you like? i love to get feedback so please tell me!

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