Thursday, December 10, 2009

honey gift files...flicker

one of my most favorite wedding registry items is the bernardaud wedding votive we got. it is so different and beautiful and truly commemortates the occasion it represents. the votive is very intricately carved bisque porcelain and it's designed so that the candlelight from within creates a very elaborate play between light and shadows. it literally glows in the dark.

bloomingdales sells the votives in several different styles and i think they're just the nicest gift -they're so pretty by themselves or as a part of a collection amassed over time. they're perfect to celebrate an occasion, like an engagement or a wedding, but also as recollections or reminders of important places, favorite animals or flowers, etc. they're a very special addition to a display of treasures on a vanity, a bookcase, really anywhere lovely things live.

of course any of these make a wonderful gift year-round, with the added appeal of coming from a very special company, and presented nicely in a good gift box. but they're also very appropriate as gifts at the holidays, and if you like being on-topic, the nativity votive might just fit the bill.

i'm telling you - if you are looking for something of the finest quality that is just totally beautiful and special looking, these votives are a great option. i smile every time i light mine - and that's exactly the reaction i'd want my gift recipients to have.

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Maria said...

Love love love! I actually have something like this...its a nature design with leaves on beautiful. I would love the wedding one...some day!

Lydia said...

Stunning! I'm heading over to the bloomingdale's website to add one of these to my wedding registry on right now!

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