Thursday, December 10, 2009

sipping in style

isn't this such a cute and easy idea for dressing up drink glasses? these gel decals are great because they come in so many shapes and colors that you're sure to find ones that match your party's theme or color story. even in casual entertaining, these could be used to distinguish each guest's glass from the others.

and i particularly love the idea of using lollipops as stirrers, for many of the same reasons i like the gel decals. you can choose lollipops based on color scheme, and you could easily have enough variety that there are no doubles so each guess can identify his or her glass. for christmas, you could use candy canes!
i love ideas like these - they're so simple, but pack such a novel, visual punch. to me, little details like this make all the difference and create memorable gatherings. what are some of the personal touches you love?

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