Friday, December 4, 2009

honey gift files...cuddle up

have you seen the cuddle plush collection from restoration hardware baby & child? it's full of classic animals and pastel colors and seriously could not be any cuter. AND the whole deal is done online through their website.

what's nice is that they have a whole range of prices ($10 to $149) and items to choose from, and each item comes in every animal. some of the offerings are unusual, as the stuffed animal world goes, and i think they make really wonderful gifts. the one that first caught my eye was the rocking "horses" - how adorable?? it's the most expensive item in the collection at $149, but to me it seems well worth it as a gift given to a family of small kids or a nice addition to one special child's nursery or playroom.

the cuddle plush menagerie includes lambs, bunnies, cows, pigs, dogs and bears, each in their own soft and cozy color. and within each species, they have amazingly soft stuffed toys in a few sizes and overstuffed "chairs" like below ($89).

they also have sleeping bags ($89), floor pillows($39), bath wraps ($39), slippers ($24), stroller blankets ($24), security blankets ($39) and just plain old throws ($45). and booties for $10- BOOTIES! a few of the items are able to be personalized for an additional $6.

if you simply can't decide on just one animal, they do have this bowling set which includes one of each animal and a bowling ball. i sort of think it's a little weird to encourage kids to mow down baby animals for fun, but i guess that's a personal choice.

the nice thing about gift shopping at restoration hardware is that they always have nice gift boxes and ribbons, and the more you buy there, the less wrapping supplies you have to buy. i actually often end up buying many gifts there and match the wrapping materials i have to buy to their color story for coordination purposes. baby & child offers gift boxes and ribbons in "petal," "cloud," and "silver sage," so you can actually match the wrapping to the gift if you'd like!

don't you just feel cuddly looking at these things? the only thing cozier is picturing the cutest kid you know using them.

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Anonymous said...

omg, so cute! i wish i could have some of those things even though i don't have/want a baby right now! they look SO cozy!

Kellie Collis said...

So soft and dreamy. Thank you for coming by whilst I was away! xx

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