Tuesday, December 1, 2009

honey gift files...once upon a time

this might be up there with the best gift ideas i have ever encountered. it's a recordable storybook so that anyone (grandparent, far-flung relative or friend, etc) can record their voice reading a choice of three classic childrens' books.

holidays are all about tradition, so "the night before christmas" is a great way for a loved one, even one who can't be physically there each year, to be part of a child's christmas memories.

for year-round options, they offer "bright and beautiful" and "all the ways i love you."

for little ones to be able to enjoy a book recorded especially for them by a loved one is extremely special, and not to be morbid, but it goes without saying that if that loved one is no longer with them at some point, it's that much more magical and touching. the human voice is so full of so many things - memory, tenderness, familiarity. when people leave our lives, we never hear their voices again. i really love the idea of being able to, in the form of a comforting bedtime story, forever.

check back every day this month for more holiday gift ideas from the honey gift files!

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