Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wishful thinking

i'm so taken with the "wish" campaign at starbucks this holiday season. it's always a treat when the red holiday cups come out, but this year, it's extra special. they're all over this wish theme -- the drink sleeves say "make your spirits bright. wish." and the cups have little thought bubbles bearing wishful sentiments, ranging from the small and novel to the deep and meaningful -- perfect for the holiday season. here are some of their wishes:

i wish everyone could see how much we all have in common

i wish for extra whipped cream

i wish grown-ups could remember being kids

i wish for a snow day

it's a good reminder of how important it is to wish. it sounds silly, in a way, because the act of wishing can seem so whimsical and childlike. and it kind of is. it's about placing all your hopes on something that is often out of your control, and might very well not end the way you want. it's scary to wish for something, because if it doesn't happen, it's disappointing and you've put yourself out there. and we spend a lot of our lives as adults trying not to be disappointed, trying not to lament things that just can't be.

but what about all the good things that happen when we wish while we're busy being so grown-up? when we wish, we trust in the universe and trust in ourselves, and we show hope and positivity and a willingness to aim for happiness, even knowing that our wishes might not come true. we trust in our worthiness of good, and our resilience from bad, and the fact that sometimes dreams do come true.

sometimes, the wishing is its own gift - regardless of the outcome. there's an innocence and a sense of letting go when we surrender to not knowing, but wishing, that just feels good. vulnerable, and sometimes foreign, but good.

so i love that starbucks has taken this opportunity to remind us about the magic of wishes. not sure what it has to do with expensive coffee, but i'll take it.

globally, i'm wishing for a way out of the war and for less hungry and abused children. in my own little world, boots like these and bobbi brown extra moisturizing balm and face oil would be fab. and a snow day would be lovely too.

what are you wishing for this year?

1 comment:

Erin said...

Such lovely words! Thank you so much for the reminder on how important wishing, big and small, can be!

YES, a snow day. I wish for that too!

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