Monday, December 7, 2009

happy everything!

this plate is one of my favorite items in all the land. well, at least in my own sideboard. it's an oversized platter i first spotted at my friend kim's house and immediately needed to own. it was from the christmas tree shop and upon finally locating it, i bought two, just in case the first ever breaks or chips. i'm telling you, i love this thing.

aside from the fact that it's colorful and cheerful and satisfyingly large, i also love what it represents. to me, the second i saw it in kim's kitchen, i felt a connection to what could become a tradition in my very own household.

i think most of us are lucky enough to have grown up with holiday and birthday traditions we've come to treasure - some were passed down through families, while others came to be by happy accident. one of my family's birthday traditions growing up was a birthday candle for each of us, like these, available at toys r us. (they also make great baby gifts, because it's so nice to start a tradition in a new baby's home).

the candle was always presented and allowed to burn down one whole year on a special birthday plate that still sits in my parents' hutch. it was a tradition that never got old, and one that i'll always remember.

and so will my sister molly, whose candle accidentally burned down several years at once, requiring a mid-life version that's not nearly as charming as the bicycle and tooth fairy-adorned childrens' version.

when i started thinking about the happy everything platter and how i could immediately locate and own it, there was a part of me that thought about asking my mom for herbirthday plate when the time comes for me to celebrate my childrens' birthdays, but i quickly realized that wouldn't be fair to my siblings, and also that the plate and special candle should be how my childrens' grandparents celebrate with them - it's their tradition to pass down to my future family. (clearly you can see i like to plan ahead).

when i fell in love with the "happy everything" platter, it was because of a glimpse i caught into a new tradition. it's a nod to my parents' time-honored routine, in that there will be a "birthday plate" in my home, but it can also be used for all manner of happy occasions, creating a distinct feeling of specialness that isn't soon forgotten.

and on the thinking ahead front, by creating a new tradition rather than reliving an older one, i'll provide my future family with several types of celebrations in the homes of many people who love them. what more could you wish for on a birthday or any other day?

i'd love to hear about some of your favorite holiday or birthday traditions. please share them in the comments below!

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bloomie said...

Not a holiday, but my best friends from college and I do have a wedding tradition. We have a little silver pin with charms of all of our initials on it that we pin to the underside of the bride's dress. Since none of us are believers in bridesmaids, this way we all walk down the aisle with her and it's our little secret.

It came about b/c I was at a cousin's wedding and she mentioned that all of their friends used the same kiddush cup during the ceremony. I thought that was so beautiful and we decided we wanted to do something similar. We were concerned that folks might have family kiddush cups they wanted to use so we want the charms route instead. Sometimes I think we're a bit too much out of a romantic comedy, but I secretly love it.

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