Wednesday, December 30, 2009

yes please!

how covetous are these faux-fur duffels from pottery barn? i so want one. don't they look like just the thing for a trip to a hotel like the one below? i could just see checking in with my apres-ski vibe (though in truth, it would be more like sans-ski for me).

or someplace like this, the banff springs fairmont.

as if the settings weren't gorg enough, i think the faux-fur duffel would just seal the deal. and i feel i'd be doing you a disservice if, while we're on the topic, i didn't share with you the view, ever-so-faintly visible, out the window of charlotte moss's aspen home.

and did i mention her deck in the sky?

i mean REALLY.

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Anonymous said...

Covetous is defined as inordinately or wrongly desirous of wealth or possessions; greedy.

Is this what you meant to say?

And the Pottery Barn link is broken.

Try this:


Maria said...

seeing those pictures makes me realize how much of the world i need to go see. breathtaking.

honey living said...

so true maria! it can be overwhelming but very promising thinking about all there is to see and do.


I love my Canada.

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