Thursday, April 1, 2010

some smiles for april fools day

let's share some laughs (or at least smiles) on this april fools day, shall we?

the only thing better than a bag is a bag with a sense of humor. case in point:

from jessica kagan cushman:

from good old bloomies:

from rebecca minkoff....OBSESSED!

and from one language label:

this is a cake:

and although we talked about doormats a couple weeks ago, no discussion is complete without the funny ones.

i mean, pee pee teepees? hilar.

and how's this for fine jewelry? from the moma store.

and for the biggest joke of's the ring i want for my 31st birthday next week.

it's $1.1 million dollars.

top photo from, hermes photo from, nice underwear photo from, warrant and go away doormat photos from, oh shit doormat photo from, pink diamond ring photo from, all other photos from linked sites


honey living said...

Now I have to get you a differnt ring for your B-Day.

jackie fo said...

i love the floor mat... and the Karl who? bag. ha

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