Tuesday, April 20, 2010

both sides now

well i know you know how i feel about anthropologie in general, but i don't know if i've ever publicly professed my love of their quilts. so let me say...


not only are they gorgeous, supremely soft and lovely feeling, they're also reversible. i love mine (shown here and above) on both sides. i'm a little worried, because they don't seem to have as many as they used to, but it's always been true that what's available online isn't a great representation of what's in-store, and vice versa.

i'm thinking about adding in a bedskirt from one of their other quilt ensembles. like this one:


have you checked out anthro's bedding recently? you really ought to. here are the quilts, and here are the duvets. a great way to get some of the look without all the spending is to go for the really complete selection of shams available in most of the bedding patterns.

last photo from www.anthropologie.com

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Krista soon-to-be Skrtic :) said...

I LOVE them too!!! Seriously, the patterns and colors are gorgeous! I used to work there and almost allowed myself to go crazy and buy a bunch of sets. But, I ended up only getting one. Which is good because I saved money, but bad because I spent it on their clothes. Thanks for the post!

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