Wednesday, April 7, 2010

take me there

okay, so first order of business today...get me to this porch. it belongs to india hicks, daughter of famed interior designer david hicks and herself a model, entrepreneur, bravo's top design host and true island living guru. included in her island empire, india has several properties on harbour island and windermere island in the bahamas which are rentable and gorgeous. she lives on harbour island full-time in a house called hibiscus hill with her husband and four children, including a daughter named domino.

oh and by the way, she's also written books on island design and island beauty, co-owns a boutique and has created two cosmetics line with crabtree and evelyn called india hicks island living and india hicks island night. but that's it. other than that she's a bum.

anyway, i wanted to show you some pictures of her home which i think are just beautiful. so understated and lovely and authentic. her home looks tropical and island-style, for sure, but not in the overdone, overly colorful style you might find at an all-inclusive resort. now don't get me wrong, i love that style too for a vacation, but if i were to live on an island, this would be more my speed. how about you?

i think these photos are a good reminder that in any setting, the same truths apply - well-chosen pieces, eclectic style and seasonal and environmental elements make for beautiful design.

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jackie fo said...

this is all gorgeous! I hope you had an awesome birthday with more celebrating to come this weekend :) Rock out chica.

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