Wednesday, April 7, 2010

priceless smiles

when you think about the best moments you have frozen in time on film, most of them probably involve a smile. my favorite smiling photo is above, in the very first moments of being husband and wife. our smiles in this picture say something that words just can't.

tweetmysmile, brought to you by the same people as tweetmystyle and tweetmybag which you might remember from the rebecca minkoff bag giveaway, is asking everyone to take just a moment to upload a photo of yourself smiling. for each smiling photo the site receives, $1 will be donated to the smile train , a charity which funds cleft lip and palate surgeries in developing nations. you will also be entered to win stuff!

really, there's just no reason not to do this. spread your smile! go to tweetmysmile for instructions. all you need is a twitter account which takes literally three seconds to set up. you only have until friday!

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