Thursday, April 29, 2010

right on time

i'm a little obsessed with michael kors watch collection...check it out (maybe for mother's day)...

tortoise and horn watch bands? YES PLEASE.

and for good measure, throw in one of the "rose gold" ones too (they're pink stainless steel).

and how about these 70's glam silicone cuffs? love. them.

the details on these lovely pieces are so dead-on and well done. i feel like these are watches even for people who don't wear watches. feel me?

oh and one other small detail...did i mention there's one in LUCITE?

slightly varying selections are available at bloomingdale's and nordstrom. see each link for their full collections.

all photos from bloomingdales and nordstrom

1 comment:

Michelle... said...

omg the tortoiseshell bands are fabulous! My only peeve with Michael? I wish it wasn't like the number one rule of women's watches that they must have some sort of crystal on them. If I liked gold though, I'd be hard pressed not to be all over those tortoise numbers. yum.

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