Tuesday, April 13, 2010

woman's work

how lovely is this little workspace? it's a closet turned into an office! i seriously adore this idea. the wallpaper is perfection and the gorgeous paint color sets everything, including the white details, off beautifully. i think the rug really pulls it all together and gives the "office" a sense of place and grounds it.

i love when i see ideas like this - makes you think differently about even the tiniest spaces in your home...the possibilities are endless!

photo from www.apartmenttherapy.com


Kelly said...

I love this idea - especially becaue when you are done working you can literally close the doors and put work away...out of site out of mind!

jackie fo said...

I am truly obsessed with this! It's so pretty! If I live in my condo for the rest of my life (please don't let that be the case, I will cry), I will make this happen.

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