Friday, April 9, 2010

happy weekend!

oh readers, it's the weekend!

before it begins, or whenever you like to do your clicking around, here are some goodies.

first, what do you make of tiger's newest nike commerical? so intense! and brave and brilliant of nike, in my opinion.

and while you're on youtube, have you been watching jamie oliver's food revolution? you must. watch this to see how right i am. and if you want, you can watch full episodes here.

now, i know easter is over, but i have to show you this. leave it to eddie ross...the prettiest, sparkliest, glitteriest easter eggs ever, all in a blue and white color story. i love his inspirations and the way he executes. true talent, that eddie.

check out this fun, not terribly difficult project from hilar blog i suwanee. you might remember jamie from my conversation with her a while back.

i wanted to share a lovely, lovely post on the art of doing nothing from naturally nina...perfect for a weekend. hope yours is filled with moments just like this!

flower photos from, eggs from, project photo from

1 comment:

Alison said...

I'm so glad someone else feels the same way I do about the Tiger ad...I've heard so many people say it was "creepy," but to me it brilliantly brings Tiger back down to earth as he questions what his father would think of him, just like the rest of us might do in the face of our own mistakes.
Had to comment on this specifically, but wanted to say more generally how much I enjoy reading your blog each day--it's down to earth and dreamy at the same time!

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