Thursday, April 1, 2010

taking our sweet time...unsubscribe

how is it possible that we get SO MUCH junk email in every single email account? i think many of us have figured out the paper junk mail system at home - either gotten ourselves off whatever lists we were on or we have a system in place for weeding it out right away. it's easier with junk mail that's paper - it takes up physical space, so we're sort of forced to do something with it. junk email is a little more insidious.

i know what i've done for years - each morning just delete, delete, delete - and while this solves the immediate problem of an overflowing inbox (and constantly dwindling mailbox space), it doesn't get to the root of the problem of getting off the lists, which can be more time consuming.

so here's what i've come up with. rather than deleting (and more deleting), i've started to relegate all my junk email to an "unsubscribe" folder in my inbox, and then when i have a little block of time on a friday afternoon or whenever, i go in and unsubscribe to a bunch of them. very satisfying. and...stops the insanity. and then i delete them.

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