Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a swatch of a different color

you might remember that i posted about the prettiest little crossword books ever a while back, saying that i'd love to upholster things in the bold, showy floral print you see above. well thanks to a lovely reader who sent me this link, i can! look how pretty!

seriously, you MUST explore the kaleidoscope of patterns on this site cia's palette. just scroll through all the fabrics - they are some of the most gorgeous color combinations and prints i have ever seen and they're almost all under $10 per yard. it has me thinking about all kinds of pillow, cushion, curtain and upholstery projects i could come up with.

here are some of my favorites from the site (thank you to reader M.E. for introducing me to this fab site!):

i want a pillow in every single one, all on a white bed. you too?

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jackie fo said...

Yes, I like idea of these as pillows on a white bed. gorgeous!

Kelly said...

This looks dangerous...Thanks for sharing!!

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