Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tiny treasures...sip!

do you find that you're drinking different things now that the weather has turned warmer in most of the country?

for me, the first thing to shift is the coffee - iced all the way, even at home. also, i'm drinking so much more water because i'm thirstier when it's warmer - you too? and i've cut out all diet soda, so there's that. water it is.

so when i was trying to make water more palatable at first, i broke out some colorful straws i had from last summer, and i really got into them. sometimes i'd color coordinate them to my top or lipstick, sometimes i'd even use two to get a nice color combo going. don't judge.

straws sound so simple, don't they? but that's the thing about tiny treasures - though inexpensive and small, they make you feel good. pick up a package of pretty straws next time you're in a place that sells them and use one (or two!) each time you sip a your warm weather beverage of choice. i think you'll really like it.

why not add a favorite color or color combination to a cool, refreshing drink? you only live once!

photo from www.fotobank.ru

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