Wednesday, April 21, 2010

chip(pendale) off the old block

no discussion of cane and rattan style furniture is complete without talking about the chippendale-style chair, which i love with the passion of a thousand suns. (that was a nod to the part-chinese style inspiration behind the chippendale chair.)

though they've been around for many, many years (like hundreds), the their updated grandchildren bring modern, graphic charm to many homes of today.

first to understand the roots, here are some older ones (which i'd love to get my hands on and update).

the green one is trying, but it's a little off, still.

i love the modern reproductions and i love that they're often done in vibrant colors (jonathan adler sells them in black, dove and lime green). this use of them almost always finds them in a glossy finish which just elevates the whole look.

they're also especially lovely in white.

then there are some versions that are more regency style, which is always welcome, to my mind.

so many choices, so much gorgeousness! can't you just see one at a desk or vanity, a few around a table with some other chair styles thrown in, even one in a living room as an occasional chair?
chairs in this style are available through jonathan adler and ballard (armchair version here), even west elm has a supermodern version, but none of these options are cheap and i also sort of feel like i'd rather discover this kind of chair...possibly an older one, updated by me for my home. that seems a respectful nod to a chair with such history, for it to have some provenance.

and look how seamlessly they transition from old to new, as demonstrated on the daily uptown country.

watch out estate sales, here i come...

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