Wednesday, April 14, 2010

banq(uette) on it

isn't it wonderful how a banquette or bench changes any dining area? there's a certain immediate visual impact that's achieved that way, and an intimacy you just don't get with chairs placed around a table. many restaurants do this, and i think it can be one of the things that makes dining out i extra love it when i see a home that stylishly uses that mode of seating in a kitchen or dining room. it can be used to bring a glam effect or a cozy one, a modern or lived-in design.

the greyson sofa, above, from the paris market makes me think of that style even though it's a couch and not a gorgeous would it look on one side of a chunky salvaged wood dining table like this or this?

here are some photos of the banquette look done so very right. bon appetit!

even if you're not totally into the look of the banquette idea, i think these pictures do a great job of showing how a dining area doesn't need to be all uniform pieces to look pulled together and elegant. don't you?

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jackie fo said...

I love banquettes! We actually had them set up at our wedding, kind of around the perimiter of the room. It gave the room a fancy look. :)

jrzjenn said...

Thanks!! I've been toying with the idea of building a banquette for my kitchen along the knee wall that separates the kitchen from family room- I didn't know it could look so good!!

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