Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cane buy me love

sorry for that atrocious pun. so sorry.

i've been really loving the look of cane and rattan furniture these days...there are so many differet variations on it, and i'm kind of loving them all - some are more tailored and reserved while others are loose and casual. they all, to me, lend a certain chic, whether regency, plantation or island, that i would love in every single room of my home in one way or another.

what i love is how well they all lend themselves to mixing with other styles, as i think these pictures show. i think the trick would be to not overdo it - maybe one piece, two TOPS, in a room.

here are the more tailored, ladylike version that i totally adore. can't you just imagine them at a really luxe island resort?

and then here is a totally different look, but one i also love. especially the thought of one with a really fun upholstery choice for the cushions. also, love the idea of painting them like some of these photos show.

in another form, i'm reminded of french bistro chairs that share some of the same DNA.

so i'm very pleased that pier 1 has some really reasonably priced options that satisfy the same general purposes. here are my favorites.

the casino armchair:

the nirobi armchair and ottoman:

the roxton wing chair:

the temani collection:

the azteca collection:

and the papasan table base, the brown slice side chair, and the anam armchair.

the possibilities are just endless. ENDLESS i tell you.

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annechovie said...

I loved cane pieces, too, Carla!

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