Thursday, January 7, 2010

tiny treasures...signs of life

well, at the behest of many of you, my lovely readers, tiny treasures returns! it was a little much to keep up with when i was doing the honey gift files all month in december, but now it's back for the new year and i promise you, it won't go anywhere again.

since it's so very cold here in the northeast, i thought it a wise idea to remind ourselves that there is still life and natural beauty to behold. i don't want to be cliche and say that spring is around the corner, because the truth is, it's a pretty big corner - we still have quite a block of winter before us, and the coldest part at that. BUT, spring will come eventually, and in the meantime, there's nothing wrong with a little anticipation.

yesterday on my lunch stroll with my sister, i bought a small potted tulip for $4. it was lined up on a shelf with many others, and the little green sprouts just looked so cute i couldn't resist. when i got it back to my office, i put it in a pretty little vase i'd been holding on to, using the original green foil the bulbs came in as a false bottom to make it a better fit (it will also help with drainage). i'll probably remove it from the plastic pot and repot it into the little vase with some rocks on the bottom for drainage, but for now, it looks cute and was extremely easy.

and this morning when i walked in, i have to tell you, i felt a major difference. it put a smile on my face - the pretty green color, the cute way they're standing at attention, ready for spring. and i swear, they've grown a little since yesterday. it's so exciting! i feel like i have a little friend here at my desk. don't worry, i'm not some crazy cat lady shut-in or anything, i have human friends at work too, but this is just a sweet little presence that is making me feel good today.

so that's this week's tiny treasure. treat yourself to a little piece of life for work or home - wherever you'll feel that little pick-me-up the most. as you know, i've talked about flowers as tiny treasures before, but there's something extra special about this idea, because it will live on from week to week - the tiny treasure that keeps giving!

for some "spring is coming" reading around the web, check out holly's post from yesterday on decor8 about this very thing, and also while you're there, look at this out of control fabulous collection from house doctor, which i had never even heard of and made me giddy with delight. swoon can not begin to describe how this stuff makes me feel. i hope it makes you smile too.


Kimberly said...

Whats wrong with crazy cat ladies? ;)... well I wish you well with your plant, good thing it's not an orchid, thats all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Although it is a common practice, putting pebbles in the bottom of a pot does not increase drainage capacity.

Pebbles will actually increase the surface area and leave your plant with soggy feet so be careful.

There is nothing that replaces a nice drainage hole in the bottom of a pot.

Michelle... said...

They will be so pretty! I always need plants in my home. None blooming at the moment, but one of my orchids is in the process of growing a new stem.

honey living said...

orchid growing a new stem? michelle - impressive! do you have any orchid tips? i'm sure kimberly is impressed too!

Anon - thanks for the pebble tip, i guess it's really just good in a pinch when you don't have a pot with a hole. good to know.

Michelle... said...

contrary to what this says (sorry for the huge link), my orchid has been rewarding my neglect, haha. I don't water it all that often and it's in a plastic pot that it came in 3 years ago because I keep forgetting to repot it when it's not blooming. But I'm sure I'd probably get better results if I fertilized them and put them all in good bright/indirect light!,default,pg.html?SC=RNA7001H&utm_campaign=control&utm_source=direct&utm_content=jan10news&utm_medium=email&email=APILCH@TOWERHILLBG.ORG&nlid=12081.1165491.

Maria said...

my orchid has sprouted new buds and I've been pateniently waiting and watching them get closer to bloom each day. its been over a month, they are moving VERY slowly but i am SO excited for it to bloom. when the original flowers died, i was sure i was going to be left with hair clips on a stick ;)...a florist even told me i got my moneys worth and to just throw it away. but i waited...i felt bad to throw it away when it was still alive, and then came those tiny little buds! i guess i have it in a good window, i spray it with water when i remember and i put a few drops of fertilizer in the spray bottle. its really low maintance suprisingly. so, my orchid is reblooming. i'm glad I didnt listen to the florist. (sorry for the novel)

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