Sunday, November 29, 2009

a golden thanksgiving

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, i know we did. i took special pleasure in noting all the details my mother, our hostess, paid attention to, most of all the elegant tablescape. i loved how she didn't default to the standard fall palette of reds and oranges, but opted instead for a simple runner of kraft paper, faux ivory pumpkins, gold chargers and plenty of gold candles.

add to that gold-accented china, and this year's addition of gorgeous, oversized goblets, the table was warm and festive. each setting was finished off with a paper bag luminaire topped off with gold tissue as placecards.

i loved that this year there was a real fall chill in the air - you know how some years it feels too warm for thanksgiving? not this year! i loved the briskness in the air, the smell of lit fireplaces and the comfortable sweater weather all day.

one of my contributions this year, which i have to insist you make for your next gathering, was an idea loaned to me by kelly -- dates stuffed with parmesan, wrapped with prosciutto and baked until melty and bubbly. you might remember when i made them for a labor day lunch, and they were just as warmly welcomed this time around. for a seasonal twist, i put fresh cranberries on the platter that went into the oven so they softened and became a sort of cranberry jelly for dipping. you have to try these, and soon.

what details did you notice this thanksgiving?

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