Friday, January 22, 2010

happy weekend!

aren't you SO happy it's the weekend? i'll tell you, this is one of those weeks where i feel like if it wasn't friday, i don't know what i'd do. but it is, and thank god for that.

i thought we'd end the week with some things to check out over the weekend (or right now, if it's a slow day for you)... i highly suggest listening to one of my favorite james taylor songs while you can listen here.

eddie ross's amazing work on the bloomingdale's window challenge (and incredible story to go with it) - check it out and vote for him if you agree!

have you seen this sand-drawing talent on you tube? watch it when you can turn your speakers on too (when you're done listening to JT of course), it's a multi-media kind of thing.

whether you're someone whose weekend normally includes a stop at homegoods or not, you should consider it this weekend since my mom and i spied this chair there the other night!

remember seeing its crate and barrel (and much more expensive) twin several times on this blog? it looks just as good at $300 and is enjoying its new home in my parents' living room. this was a true coup. it's like the anthropologie of chairs - so good it hurts. you better run if there's any chance of scoring one.

and if you're one of those "buy holiday stuff on clearance for next year people," enjoy the last of the spoils at colorful images...i particularly like the pinecone doormat, the all-in-fun enevelope art set and these mailing labels, and these mailing labels too! and what great deals! also excellent, because they can be used perenially.

in the spirit of things looking up, i've been very pleased to see that little by little, new stores are opening where there were once closed doors and covered windows. one such place is a new location of financier, a lovely patisserie-style place that opened in grand central, right on my way to work. it's very french, and very lovely to look at as i pass by. the coffee is nice and strong, and they even have their own personalized sweetener packets - every kind! now that's planning for success.

i love how this place manages to maintain a very "small" feel, even though it's very much part of a little restaurant empire here in new york.

and isn't this nursery just the sweetest? i love the vibrant color combination that still manages to be warm and soothing. read more at house of turquoise - what a lucky baby!

well lovely readers, have a wonderful weekend. fill it with people and places you love, and take good care of you.

top photo from real simple, sand art photo from illiterate magazine, nursery photos from house of turquoise, all other non-original photos from linked sites, flowers photo from belle fleur


Erin said...

I must say listening to James Taylor made this post that much more enjoyable! So many goodies and eye-candy! Thanks for including that adorable nursery! :)

Have a great weekend!


Happy 2010! I just stumbled upon your virtual chronicle and absolutely love your world view.

If you get a chance, swing by and say hello. I would love to hear about all your wants, musings, and distractions. Thank you darling and wonderful blog, I will be back regularly.

Culture Snob (Nina S) said...

Dear Honey Living,

Just saying "hello"! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! See you again, and take care!

P.S. There's a post on my blog that I just made. It features three wedding dresses that are simple and elegant, and aren't restricted to just weddings. You might like it. I noticed that you're into pretty things. =)))

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