Friday, January 29, 2010

happy weekend!

well, it's finally friday afternoon. are you sooooo happy? i hope you have a wonderful weekend - what are your plans? any fun projects? shopping? oooh the cold is such good sleeping weather, isn't it? we're going to be catching up on glee, which i can't believe i ever allowed to fall by the wayside.

speaking of music, you know what song i think got played out too quickly (thanks apple) and went away? new soul by yael naim. so let's listen. such an upbeat, pretty song. i love the horns. reminds me of the beatles.

if you're not in an upbeat mood, do you know the song lentill, by sia? it's so moody and intense - listen here.

look at this picture of martha stewart's new chow chow puppy with his little frenchy friend. OMG right? you can read his story and see more pictures on the martha blog. it's so martha.

i think you'll love this vintage chic wedding.

keep warm everyone, and i'll meet you back here on monday.

thanks, as always, for reading and sharing your thoughts.


CreamyLife said...

aww, these puppies are so adorable! Love your blog, adding you to my blogroll on CreamyLife!

honey living said...

thank you! adding you as well! love your blog.

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