Monday, December 13, 2010

break out the good stuff

most of us have a bevvy of lovely dishes and platters and mugs (oh my!) that go unused the vast majority of the time because we're saving them for special occasions. but i know we're all familiar with the idea of not is a special occasion simply because it's today. our most special collections deserve to be seen often for the pleasure they bring and the traditions they create, which can be more than once-yearly holiday dinners.

one of my favorite things is to use them in our everyday lives in slightly unexpected ways, like the jewelry in teacups idea i enjoy so much. it's easy to find clear glass canisters for makeup and cotton balls, but there's plenty of time for that. instead, i love to use a special looking mug or bowl because. here, you can see my mother has perfected it with mixed and matched mugs and platters, and then a collection of crystal pieces being put to good use. this way, each morning as she's readying herself for the day, she's looking at beautiful pieces of her collections, many of which she grew up with at her family's table.

remember the anthro bowls i was obsessed with a while back? one or two of those would be perfection on a key table or a dresser, especially mixed with a piece or two of wedding china and a vintage silver tray. or you know, something like that.

one of the best things about seeing glasses and mugs and dishes this way is that all of a sudden, you have a use for a lone piece, whether it's one you save from an old set for sentimental reasons, or one you buy all by itself because you can't justify (or really don't need) the whole set.

so next time you see a pretty olive bowl at homegoods, consider how it might work as a receptacle for spare buttons, keys or foam makeup wedges. probably lovely enough to justify the purchase.

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