Wednesday, December 1, 2010

man(zanita) up!

you might remeber my lament last year that west elm had discontinued their beautiful manzanita wall sconces. crazy, if you ask me. but this year, i'm thrilled to find that they have brought us a manzanita candelabra. i love it, and in light of it, i can forgive the wall sconce fiasco of 2009.

they also make a manzanita menorah which is nice, though not my favorite menorah on the block. here are the ones that are:

the tree menorah and the gold pomegranate tree menorah by the new classic master, michael aram.

and could the architectonic menorah by famed architect richard meier be any more amazing looking? check out his collection of mezuzahs too.
and where celeb menorah designers are concerned, leave it to jonathan adler (a good jewish boy from jersey who started his pottery work at summer camp) to come up with a quirky, luxe design like this peacock menorah.
and to go along with your fabulous menorah, hello futura seder plate.

lastly, i love the iron curvy menorah by blackthorne forge for its strong traditional roots but the fact that it doesn't look old-fashioned. a modern classic indeed.

whatever you light, whatever you fry in oil, whatever gifts you give and receive, happy channukah.

all images from linked sites

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