Thursday, December 2, 2010

tiny it's cold outside

i had a really hard time deciding on just one tiny treasure this week, because i have a few that i want to share. so i chose two since they could also come in handy as stocking stuffers and yankee swaps, and i'll save the rest for next week. gotta ration, you know?

the first is a blanket-soft scarf from old navy. given my obsession with yellow this year, i got it in the punchy yellow which doesn't seem to be online but was in abundance in-store. warm but not too warm, long but not bulky, i think it's the perfect foil for a black or brown coat, especially in the solid colors it comes in.

and then...lots of people i know grew up on carmex, but i wasn't one of them. for those people, "carmex" is like the generic term for lip balm, like pampers for diapers or kleenex for tissues. now i get why. i bought this three-pack and stashed one in my makeup bag, one on my nightstand and one on the ottoman in my living room, so i'm never far from chap relief. in this season, it's crucial. the unexpected bonus is that the sheer shine looks really pretty, and of course natural.

bundle up and soothe your lips's cold!

images: top, scarf, carmex

1 comment:

Kelly said...

aaaahhhhhhhhhh Carmex...such a throwback to my childhood. Took me years to kick the habit...LOL

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