Friday, December 10, 2010

happy weekend!

i hope this weekend you'll have a chance to relax, perhaps next to a roaring fire or even just a glowing candle, and unwind from your week. i plan on relaxing, seeing great friends and finding some kind of solution for my out-of-control charger situation -- too many things to charge, too few organized spots and too many cords to identify.

on a prettier note, my sister molly introduced me to an online store that's way too much fun called luna bazaar. they have quite a selection of glass bottles, paper lanterns and tons of mercury glass for such reasonable prices. i think these are my favorite finds from luna...they put me in the mood to create a dr. zhivago-inspired, jewel toned extravaganza like melissa rivers' 1998 wedding (above). so random, i know, but ever since i read the description of the reception which included glasses and votives in all different shapes and deep, regal colors, i've been obsessed. and i read about it ten years ago.

i've heard amazing things about this book, and when i'm finally done reading this one on my kindle, i think i'll start it. of course i'm also secretly interested in this one. not such a secret anymore :)

and while we're on the topic of reading...have you treated yourself to the four agreements? if you haven't, or even if you have and it's been a while, i highly recommend it. it's one of the few books i find myself mentally referring to each and every day of my life. it would be easy for me to rattle off the four agreements to you right here and now, but discovering them through don miguel ruiz' gentle and simple prose is a gift in itself.

and if you'll be out and about, old navy has some amazing sales that are on until tomorrow night, like buy one get one sweaters and these completely adorable packable jackets for kids and toddlers that come with their own little pouch for easy packing. click here for $10 and $15 coupons too!

have a warm, wonderful weekend, and i'll see you back here on monday.

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