Tuesday, December 14, 2010

photo fan

i think we probably all have people in our lives who just really LOVE photos...of themselves, of people they love, places they've been, images that tug at their heartstrings and anything else that goes into a frame.

over the years, you've probably bought those people beautiful albums and frames and maybe even a photo calendar or mug here and there. well this year, i've spotted some additions to the stable of photo-themed gifts, and i want to share them with you.

the umbra snap frames turn any photo in a retro-fab polaroid! and the fisheye camera from lomography is cheaper than a digital at $55 and a lot more fun. check out all of lomography's fun cameras like the pinhole and colorsplash options. even opt to give a pair to a special couple for hours of fun and years of unique looking memories.

we made on our wedding album through ofoto, and more than a few people have declared it the best wedding album they've ever seen. i really can't take credit, though, because it's just so easy to do, and so well-executed. well now, i'm obsessed with making an album through blurb. i love how much text you can put in, and the way the books can look like vintagey collectibles. preview one here that serves as a family's very own cookbook.

the kodak pulse digital frame is a great improvement on earlier versions of the digital frame in that you can send images from your phone or computer directly to it, receive pictures from your facebook friends and even send photos directly from the frame to other devices and people.

for a classed-up take on the photo calendar, i love the pinhole press framed month-at-a-glance which has twelve photos or the year-at-glance which have one.

they also make photo diaries, day planners and hanging wall calendars.

for someone who has a special place in their lives - perhaps a vacation home or a childhood getaway - i love the idea of ofoto's playing card set which allows you to relive your memory each time you kick someone's ass in spit. or maybe that's just what we do in my family's special summer spot.
and finally, do everyone a favor and get the biggest iphone junkie you know a custom photo case. at least when they're incessantly swiping and pinch-zooming, the rest of us have something pretty to look at.

all images from linked sites

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