Thursday, December 23, 2010

tiny treasures...heaven scent

you just can't do better than the glade winter collection candles. last year, i wrote about several really good gift candles on the (relative) cheap as candles go. and i stand by those choices for gifts. but i have to tell you...i am utterly, knocked down, dragged out impressed by glade's winter collection, and they're 2 for $5 in most grocery stores and superstores. sometimes even 2 for $4. and in many locations, there's a tear-off coupon pad for $3 off 3.

these are so perfect for lighting throughout your home this season, even after the holidays have come and gone. the longest, coldest part of winter is ahead of us without the holiday cheer to warm us, so a soft and delicious smelling glow at home is necessary. one of the things i love most is that the labels on these candles are made for peeling off...and you know how i feel about eliminating visual noise in the home.

my favorite is the apple cinnamon which smells like the holidays, full stop. yeah, i said full stop. a close second is the french vanilla, but then i really love the bayberry spice too, which smells perfectly of pine and cold air. the only one i really don't like is the very purple sugarplum fantasies, because i think it misses the authenticity of scent that my favorites really capture.

in the winter collection, they have the oil candles and refills, the plug-ins and refills, but to me, the candles are simple and straightforward. we all have enough things we always need refills for, right?

loving these...not in the way that i feel the need to put a glade app on my phone, but i do love them, and i think you will too.


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