Wednesday, December 8, 2010

tiny treasures...toasty fingers

okay, this tiny treasure is too good to pass up. two pairs of gloves for $1.50. COME ON. seriously? YES. target is selling two-packs of gloves for $1.50 - black/black, cream/tan, hot pink/hot pink stitched, cream/tan get the idea. STOCK UP. stash a pair in the car, a pair in your desk, one in your bag and another in the hall closet - and you'll STILL have only spent $3. tiny treasure indeed.

for you, for your holiday recipients, for your mailman - whatever!

for more little luxuries under $5, discover more tiny treasures here.

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Poppy K said...

Thanks for the tip on these! I need to wear gloves in the cold Chicago winter - I do have fancy running gloves, but it's nice to have some cheapies around for when it warms up a bit because if I take them off when I run sometimes I drop a glove and it's nice to know that if I can't find it when I double back it was only a cheapie! I bought a few sets of black gloves so even if I lose one I can match it up with any of the others.

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