Thursday, December 23, 2010

honey gift shipping required

okay, so we're down to the wire here kids. most people i know need a few last minute items, so here's my rendition of the best of what's around, no shipping required. they're all at stores you might pass on your way home or over the river and through the know the rest.

pier 1 is always a font of fun gifts. i linked to some earlier in the season like the fabulously festive festive stripe glasses, which i've quickly become obsessed with.

i'm also totally smitten with the party bottle stoppers and covers. this dolls up a bottle of wine like nothing else and elevates the old "giving a bottle of wine" thing to a new place. plus they can enjoy the festive sparkle long after they kill the bottle.
now this one's really specific, but well worth mentioning. if you happen to have a chess lover who you still need to buy for your budget happens to be over $100 for said gift, look no further than this deluxe chess set, which acts as a carrying case for the pieces in addition to a board.
the keep calm and carry on motif is so lovely, and for a slight edge, i love the keep calm and have a cocktail variation. my mental list just quickly populated with people who would love this.
for travelers (or people who just have exotic taste), i love the sarafi neck wraps and eye masks, as well as other stocking stuffer picks.

they also have tons of fun rings which look way nicer than their price tag, sort of like these which are on clearance for 36 cents. and before moving on to the next parking lot, check out this fun array of stocking stuffers, priced from under $1! why do i want these gemmed ducks? i really don't know, and yet i do.
if you're passing a best buy, you might seriously consider the protoast which imprints your whole grain or flax slices with the logo of your favorite team. kind of cool, isn't it? here are all the available teams.

radio shack carries a DJ mixer for ipods. i really wouldn't know what to do with this, but i know several people who would.
if you're passing a sephora, pick up a perfect ten brush set or an exclusive-to-sephora tokidoki compact mirror.

at the gap, you know how i feel about the sequin and puffer totes, but be sure to check out the cozy plaid scarves too.

and also from the gap? hello pom pom slippers. throw in this fabulous sweater wrap and the recipient might never leave home.

and if you're looking for an incredible piece of jewelry, look no further than ippolita, my newest jewelry obsession.

of course there are always magazine subscriptions (buy the current issue and include a card telling your loved one what's to come) and you can do the same in a card for the wine/cheese/beer of the month clubs. you can get gift cards to everywhere at pretty much every supermarket, and there are plenty of other last minute ideas in this post including really nice gift baskets that you can construct at the grocery store while picking up cat food or garbage bags.

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