Wednesday, December 15, 2010

honey gift files...for those who are freezing

something like these hot headz would be so perfect for a frozen morn like today. the two-packs are a great deal and with two different color schemes in each set, they're sure to go with any winter ensemble, which to me, remains important regardless of where the mercury is. it's just so satisfying to match!

another really easy, warm and cozy gift idea is a pair of these deliciously comfortable slippers from old navy which are $7.50 - $15 for the women's versions and $5 for the mens'. and in-store at old navy, they're carrying super-cozy chenille sleep socks, 2 pairs for $5. a pair or two packed sweetly in a little bag with a note to "have a cozy and warm holiday" can't be beat. similarly amazing sleep socks are $5 a pair at bath and body works too.

wisteria has these great sets of 5 pashmina-style scarves, each a different color story and they're now on sale for under $15 per set - which means $3 per scarf. need i say more? give them all to one person, or divide them among a few (saving one for you, obvi).

tell me you're amazed that gloves come with a "texting slit" on the index finger. tell me. the echo plain glove with texting slit has exactly that.
where have i been? and then there are the echo touch tech savvy gloves which "allow for reactive smart phone use." this whole situation, i was turned on to by my readers just yesterday.
among hundreds of other versions, there are also these which don't seem to have any special padding or slit, they just work with touch screens. are they made of human skin? let's not go there.

these cashmere fingerless mittens which are admittedly less high-tech but sort of the perfect combination of features to my mind, and well, they're cashmere so there's that.

and there's always room for a faux fur vest, and this one's my favorite.

well, aside from this one. but i'd rather have a place to live. sort of.

for more supremely cozy gift ideas, see last year's honey gift files...sweet dreams.

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