Friday, December 17, 2010

honey gift happy

if you can avoid bizarre purchases like this sequined, twine elf shoe, one of the best sources for gifts is homegoods, i find (what isn't homegoods a great source for?) even if you don't have a homegoods locally, stop by their sister stores tj maxx and marshalls or other similar places for very comparable options (though nothing really beats homegoods).

i particularly love their bath products section for great deals, particularly if you get creative. over the weekend, I spotted boxes of deliciously scented soaps that were 3 in a box for $4.99. you could easily wrap each in tissue paper (the amazing smell will come through!), cellophane or a little pouch and give as tokens of thanks or affection. that's $1.67 each.

i'm also partial to the idea of a pretty, shiny bottle of bubble bath wrapped beautifully in cellophane and tied with a lovely ribbon. it's the kind of little luxury people don't normally buy themselves, but looks nice in the bathroom and can be a welcome form of pampering every once in a while.

coffee themed gifts always work, and there's no shortage of portable hot cups and cute (and cheap!) little bags of starbucks coffee, as well as some other nicely packaged gourmet brands.

and kids need portable drinks too, especially when they're as adorbs as the BPA-free thermos bottles i spotted this week at homegoods. how cute! even for adults, you know?

the glass jars below are $1.99 each, which makes the possibilities truly endless. you could buy a big box of bath salts (at homegoods, obvi) and divvy it up into a few of these glass jars and give them with a tag attached saying something like "treat yourself to plenty of warm baths this winter!" and they'll get the idea. you could also fill it with potpurri, small soaps and anything else pretty.

in the category of people who have everything, i love these pretty hourglasses (way cheaper than in other places i've seen them sold), amazingly colored agate bookends (totes want these), and lovely embroidered frames. (if you're shopping for photo people, be sure to check out honey gift fan.) something like a frame is all about the presentation - if you give it with nothing in it, it could easily look like a regift, but if you take the time to print a special photo and wrap it beautifully in papers and ribbons that match the frame itself, it's elevated to a very special level.

i also always love the idea of a globe as a gift - it's whimsical and a good reminder of all the places you've been and still have to go.

plus they also always have cute impulse buys that make great gifts...a cute lint roller, an incredibly fuzzy and big purple pillow, or a beautiful crystal perfume bottle. here's another one with presentation - i'd bust it out of this prefab box and wrap it gingerly in cellophane or tissue paper.

the point is this: even if time or money is in short supply this holiday season, being a little thoughtful goes a long way. and whatever you do, steer clear of those elf shoes.

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