Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my cup of tea, part 2

remember a while ago, i told you i wanted to do a little jewelry project inspired by martha (what project isn't, right?). i had my teacup collection (all of english provenance, all with gold detail) collecting dust - literally - in a drawer so this seemed meant to be.

see the dust? okay moving right i decided to use my dresser for this since it has a very deep drawer at exactly the right height for jewelry exploration and choosing. i cut a pretty towel i bought at old navy for just a couple dollars so it fit the drawer well and laid it down. i haven't tacked it in place though i think i might do that to secure it and keep it flat.

i also think i might line the walls of the drawer with something...i'd love to do it in a dark velvety fabric - maybe contact paper? in fact, i could see doing the whole thing in a jewel box, literally. now all i need is a little chandelier in there.

i told you i'm into bracelets right now.

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