Monday, December 6, 2010

wrap it up

happy monday!

here's my general wrapping scheme for the holidays...what's yours? clearly i need to find my double sided tape, if you look closely enough at the top.

ikea has proven to be amazing source of gift wrap this season. i got a few rolls of the craft colored paper which actually has a tiny sheen to it - a nice upgrade on the craft idea. plus i got a big roll of the punchy red, blue and white tartan and the blue paper with white five-point stars. for under $6, i got enough to last me through the year i think!

add to that the 12-pack gift tags for 99 cents, and i practically had to be pulled out of the store by my tartan.

and if you haven't tried the scotch pop-up tape dispenser, you must. it's really very close to a perfect invention and makes gift wrapping so much faster and easier.
what are your ideas for wrapping this season?

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