Monday, December 20, 2010

honey gift files...precious cargo

one of the prettiest gift ideas is a lovely vessel for jewelry and other intimate and beautiful details. depending on where you get them, they can range from token-size gift to an all-out splurge, but the message is always the same - your most special things need a special home.

from pottery barn, i love these antique silver jewelry boxes - so perfectly imperfect and handmade looking.

also, this bird jewelry dish is immensely charming, don't you think?

for a special recipient who loves bold colors and lines, i love these tizo wood jewelry boxes. with versions in lime green, fuschia, orange and charcoal gray, you almost can't go wrong.

for rainy day change, it doesn't get snazzier or cuter than these rhinestone mouse and pig banks from bcbg of all places.

for the precious cargo we all lug around every day, i've fallen in love with the rebecca minkoff mixed pouch sets - one in leather and canvas and the other in leather and calf hair.

and my favorite in this category is the most tiny and precious of all...the oyster box from michele varian. it's gold over copper and comes with tiny pearls nestled in. a ring or a a pair of delicate earrings would sit perfectly inside.

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