Wednesday, December 8, 2010

honey gift files...furry friends

everyone deserves a special holiday gift, especially our furry little loves who show us undying adoration every day, regardless of what's going on in our crazy, human worlds. and sometimes when i'm stumped on what to give as a gift, i find shopping for someone's beloved pet the best idea. it's also a great option when you're a guest at a dinner or party and not sure if you should bring an official GIFT...i find buying something for someone's pet is a great compromise - it's an offering to bring but not too serious a gift that would make giftless others feel bad. here are my top picks:

leave it to crate and barrel to come up with playful, graphic pet bowls like these:

or adorable toys for dogs and cats (with catnip!):

and i love this graphic dog treat jar, as well as the dog biscuit mix and dog biscuit cutters to make your own dog treats! either the jar itself, the mix and cookie cutters, or all three together would make a welcome gift for any dog lover in my opinion.

wonderfully sweet little books for owners to oooh and aaah over while snuggled up with their furry loved ones:

then, how much do you love these hypoallergenic bones made from hemp from the fabulous harry barker, a dog goods company i'm just discovering?

i also love the chelsea collars and leashes - so perfectly preppy for perfect little pup. they remind me of my summer of 09 fling with grosgrain.

and the jingle bell collars! OMG. i can just imagine a little pup running through the snow jingling and jangling.

and seriously? check out the ultimate bird station! it has several different levels and you can even protect the lower trays from squirrels depending on where you place it. it also has a solar light that comes on at night and flower baskets. how much do i want one? so much.

are you gifting any special furry friends?

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