Friday, July 30, 2010

bowl me over

i'm a firm believer that bowls are one of the greatest inventions ever. perhaps i feel this way because i always have stuff that needs to be put somewhere, and i can admit that sometimes a bowl just asks to be filled, and that can cause clutter and other problems. but when i see a beautiful bowl i simply can't resist, and anthropologie has them in spades right now.

my number one favorites are the ikat bowls above, which at $14 each are a very affordable way to glam up any table, particularly because of their gold rims. but i also love them as a standalone tabletop item for a desk, a vanity or a nightstand if you're not in the market for a set of bowls. i'd love one for my key table.

i love the atom art bowls in green and red...

and the inside out bowl in all four colorways...

and i love the idea of mixing them all together with the river delta bowls and the dot and dash bowls too.

what i love most of all is the idea of getting several -- no two alike -- and sprinkling them throughout our home. i know they would add such a grounded, worldly charm to wherever they found themselves - as a morning cereal bowl, a catchall for keys and cat toys or an empty vessel waiting to be filled.

some honey living you might have missed:
how's this for incredible ikat?
some favorites from anthro,
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jackie fo said...

I love all these patterns!!

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