Friday, May 7, 2010

happy weekend!

happy weekend, my readers, and happy mother's day! i hope you have something wonderful planned for the mother or mother figures in your life.

if you need some last minute shopping ideas, i'd love for you to check out the honey gift files. though many of them require time for shipping, even more of them are able to be bought on the spot in stores. for really last minute shopping, see this post.

if you don't have too much planned, but you want a special but low-key mother's day, how about sitting outside in the lovely spring air with a couple of sofia minis and some magazines to pore over together?

now for some stuff from around the web....

read this wonderfully lovely post by one of my favorite bloggers about the simple but beautiful art of making an impromptu salad. such a perfect combinations of photos and words, this post.

in other favorite bloggers, check out this hilarious yet amazing mustache-themed party (a 'stache bash) that jackie fo threw for her mom - so funny, and yet so dead-on with the details (and you know how i feel about details).

have you heard about vera wangs upcoming line for david's bridal? read about it here. i love that so many high-end designers are creating lower-priced lines for mainstream retailers...exciting!

well lovelies, as you know, there will still be one post each day next week even though i'll be away. i'll be in the city of light, and i'll be soaking up all i can so i can share the best of it with you when i return. i so value having you all to share things with - it's such a comforting way of processing and appreciating my experiences, and your input enriches it even further. thank you, as always, for reading.

top photo from country living, tomato photo from concrete magnolia, paris photo from love collage

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jackie fo said...

Thanks for the shout out :) ... Hope you are having a wonderful time on your vacay!!

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