Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a bright idea

i love how these colorful chairs punch up the muted rooms around them. in the photo above, the red of the chairs is so perfectly chosen so it's not overly matched with the red in the painting, but still connected to the other bold source of color.

here, the tonal blues play with the eye and probably look more similar in some lights than they do in others. having them arranged around a circular table evokes the feeling of movement and a color wheel, so the varied tones feel just right.

and how could you not love an acid yellow chair in a black room? obsessed. i love how the room is softened by such a minority partner...usually the tone of a room is set by the majority and then countered by a few small details to add edge or balance, but here the opposite is true.

i love the idea of a bright chair in a room for many reasons, but also because how many times have we all seen a great chair at homegoods or somewhere similar, possibly in a bright color, but it has no match or no real purpose that you can think of. next time, think of it as an experiment and place it in any room at all...it could change everything! you know how sometimes one piece can set the direction for a whole room?

to make the look yourself, choose any color you've been obsessing over and paint the ikea ivar with it...for under $20 plus the cost of paint, you have yourself a room-changer.

make a whole set if you're feeling really ambitious. maybe in different colors. okay, getting way too exciting here.

for more chair obsessions, see this and this. oh, and this.

photos from habitually chic, apartment therapy, living etc. and ikea


Erin said...

Man I love those blue chairs!

Anonymous said...

FYI I just saw a story about the history of the red chair, first pic on the blog. It is called the Thonet chair and has been around for over 100 years, over 50 million made. I saw it in the Sunday Morning show last week on CBS. Just an interesting little tidbit. xoxox

honey living said...

erin - i knew you would

anon - love cbs sunday morning. crate and barrel is selling a version of the thonet chairs right now too. i also see them called "bentwood" chairs sometimes.

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